From Discipleship to Apostolic Mission: A Study in Acts

Joshua Burks
Joshua Burks
From Discipleship to Apostolic Mission: A Study in <em>Acts</em>

The Acts of the Apostles, sometimes endearingly called “The Fifth Gospel,” provides for us the history of the early Church, beginning with the Ascension of the Risen Lord and ending with the Gospel being preaching throughout every nation. Encased within this narrative, though, is much more than mere history being told, but at its heart is the revelation of His story. The Acts of the Apostles is the divinely scripted account of the saving ministry of Jesus Christ now continued in His Body, the Church, animated by the presence of the Holy Spirit. This five-week course will seek to carefully read through this book with three distinct purposes: (1) to encounter Christ prayerfully in its texts; (2) to learn how God has revealed His desires for the life and activity of His Church in the world; and (3) to discern how Acts of the Apostles continues to shape the Church as she moves into an increasingly secular age.  

This study will be a direct continuation of a previously offered course, Following the Way: A Biblical View of Discipleship, taking the lessons learned on discipleship from the Gospels to see how they are implemented in the apostolic ministry in Acts of the Apostles. You do not need to have taken that course to register for this one.

This course is being offered both in person and online.

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