Seminar Saturday: The Bible: What Is It? Where Did It Come From? Why Is It Essential To Your Faith?

Dr. Vern Steiner
Dr. Vern Steiner
Seminar Saturday: The Bible: <i>What</i> Is It? <i>Where</i> Did It Come From? <i>Why</i> Is It Essential To Your Faith?

We hear passages from all parts of the Bible read at the Mass every weekend. Often we’re distracted, and many of us may find it difficult to “connect the dots” between the readings. Are they just randomly selected texts with helpful morals? Or is there a logical progression to them, like waypoints on a map? Are they written by the same author, or different ones? And if different authors composed the books, how did they coordinate their writings so that they are all now found inside one big book? Is there an order to it all? Are all the stories independent, or do they relate to each other, and if so, how?

In this one-day-only seminar, we will investigate just these kinds of questions together in accordance with the three main ones in the title: What kind of a thing is the Bible? Where did it come from? And what is it about the Bible that we can’t do without?

There will be plenty of time to ask questions, plenty of refreshments and coffee to keep us going, and a warm time of fellowship for all as we take a journey together into the pages of the Church’s most precious text. Make sure you bring one!

Due to available space, registration will be capped at 58. Don’t delay!

We look forward to spending the morning with you.

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