The Mother of the Word: A Biblical Study of Mary

Joshua Burks
Joshua Burks
The Mother of the Word: A Biblical Study of Mary
The Madonna by Giovanni Battista Salvi

As part of a project-in-the-making, the Emmaus Institute will be offering a free one-week course on Mary in Scripture. Participants will sit in on the recording of the class and are invited to engage with questions and reflections. The class will consist of five sessions taught by Joshua Burks. Detailed notes will be provided, along with the option to purchase a Study Guide that accompanies the course suitable for Bible studies and small groups.

Our specific aims for the study will be: 1) to examine various Old Testament passages to see how they inform the person and role of Mary; and 2) to examine each reference to Mary presented in the New Testament to see how it draws from what is developed in the Old Testament. These two aims will provide a context for us to explore how familiar Marian dogmas and devotions find their source in the Word of God.

Session 1: Learning How to Type: Mary, the New Eve

Session 2: Mary, the New Ark

Session 3: Mary, the Queen Mother

Session 4: Mary, the Mother of the Word

Session 5: Mary, the Mother of the Body of Christ

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